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The FLIR CCTV Keyboard for UVMS enables control of PTZ cameras with an easy-to-use 3 axis joystick. The keyboard connects via RS-232 to a UVMS Control Center workstation. The device also allows the user to employ a variety of features on UVMS’ Control Center via keyboard shortcuts.

The FLIR USS Client is a high performing and effcient workstation designed to address the needs of security operation centers, be they basic or highly advanced, and is optimized for the FLIR suite of Video Management System products.


The FLIR Universal Systems Solution-SMB Elite is a compact, efficient and high-performing server that meets the needs of small to mid-sized businesses with video surveillance storage requirements of up to 24TB. Key benefits include simplified set-up and maintenance, reduced installation time, and excellent system management capabilities. It comes with the option of pre-installation of Latitude VMS. 


FLIR’s USS Edge Client brings the latest solid state technologies in a small ruggedized appliance that can be deployed in any application. Built to withstand harsh environments, the energy-efficient USS Edge Client is lightweight and compact. The client can be mounted directly onto a monitor.

FLIR’s USS Edge Server is a compact, ruggedized appliance ready for any application. It’s an ideal video security solution for mobile deployments, including mass transportation, mobile command centers and marine applications. The rugged, solid-state design withstands vibrations and can be used as an independent VMS (Video Management System), or extend security systems across locations. 


The FLIR Universal Systems Solutions Enterprise is an ideal multi-purpose rack server with up to 96TB of storage, redundancy, and value in a compact chassis that addresses the requirements of IT environments. The unit is loaded with system management capabilities, best-in-class processing, and the ability expand storage in the future.

Designed for Latitude, Horizon and Meridian clients, the USS monitor delivers brilliant display quality at Full HD resolution, making it an ideal choice for a complete FLIR solution.